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Arts in Venice Beach

Venice Beach is known to be the a hub of artistic inspiration and creativity. One thing that you must see when in the area is the Venice Art Walls, located in the sand of Venice Beach. Again, I’m warning you, there are tons of them… you have to click on the photos for larger view and did you know that you can also comment on a certain photo while on the carousel show? just sayin’ 🙂 I am not sure how it’s called, I mean the ladies in the metal hula. They were really good at it and gave us a magnificent show. Also, I’ve postponed posting today’s coffee as it will make this post longer and will be too much of a scroll.

road trip highlights

Pacific Coast Highway Total miles: 361 (++ the miles we got lost in Santa Barbara and a few when in Oxnard) Date: November 9 and 10 Here’s the map and the points where we stopped for a few minutes or hours. Points B & C and F&L are overlapping as they are relevantly close to each other. (click for larger view) A. Starting point, where we visited the church first to thank God for another brand new year. B. Venice Beach, let the fun and excitement begin here! C. Venice Canals, it’s called Venice for a reason… D. Malibu PCH, 27 miles of scenic drive E. Oxnard, for lunch and a little rest F. Screaming Eagle Hwy, Ventura PCH, ahhh… just in time for that magnificent sunset and was charmed by the RV’s that were parked right on the seashore, what a nice way to relax eh? G. Santa Barbara, where we planned to get lodging but the city was so confusing with all the one way streets and every time we drive on to …