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Simple doodle journal 

Simplify. This was what I was hearing when I started the year with an art retreat journey. It may also be an after effect of months of meditation. This word may mean different things to others but to me, it is having serenity and clarity that may come from silence and quiet contemplation and a lot lot more like getting rid of extraneous things. Most importantly, it is to me at this point in my life, to create more simple art. Black and white on grid paper. Being known by peers on Instagram as a mixed media mail artist, this is quite a challenge to me. I play with colors so beautifully and making simple black and white journal… what? yes, I am doing it because it is what my soul is craving for right now. And for this reason, I started a weekly food and drink journal on my Travelers Notebook free diary grid insert. I chose food and drink because it is an appealing subject and attractive and seriously, I haven’t known someone …

From Japan with Love

This is by far one of my most favorite mail from March 2015. It came in while I was offline so I wasn’t able to post it on Instagram and on my blog but I did take the photos and this deserves to be posted even when it is quite late. I truly love everything that she’s put in. Kinda scary that she knows me already and what my likes are. And this is a printed card from her IG showing the 2014 Holiday card and paper cuts that I’ve sent her way. So sweet. Really. Thank you Pinky. ໒( ♥ ◡ ♥ )७.

Happy Mail from Malayisa

One of my Malaysian friends surprised me again with this wonderful mail. She is quite a creative girl in her own way and I always get excited when I receive a mail from her especially when I see so many interesting stamps on the envelope. This set of stamps are just perfect for my topical collections under flowers and post boxes. ​​ On left are postboxes of Melaka Bandaraya Bersejah & Bukit Bendera and on right is of Pulau Pinang Bunga Kertas & Bunga Allamanda. She also sent me postcards since she knows that I collect them. On left is of Chang-er, the goddess of the moon which according to Chinese folk lore became a goddess after drinking the elixir of life. Apparently as she’s written at the back of the card that there’s also a bunny on the moon to keep her company. Oh, I love bunnies. On right is an interesting postcard of a shop house otherwise known in Malaysia as “Georgetown” and is listed as one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites. She …

Art Planner-Journal 2016

Hello everyone! I am back, well, almost. I am still trying to process everything that I’ve learned from the art retreat and also slowly getting a hold of my normal life. But let me start my first 2016 post here with a few photos of my 2016 art planner-journal and on how I organized it. I decided to use two planners this year. One for my art projects and the other for work/biz related plans and ideas, but for today I will be sharing the art planner where I will also be documenting bits of my 2016. Here, I used a 2 inch kraft binder by Simply Stories and I like how thick it is and it came with pages and clear pockets. I also picked up their 52 weekly pages pack and another pack of their yearly cover and overview pages which also came with thick kraft chipboards and decided I use them as quarterly divider. I love how spacious and pretty the pages are. And everything was on sale from Michaels when the year …

Coffee table mags

Kinfolk – discovering new things to make, cook and do. Darling – the art of being a woman Flow – for paper lovers. These three mags are my most frequent morning reads.