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Getty Villa in Malibu

In 1945, J. Paul Getty purchased a sixty-four-acre site in Malibu and in 1954, he opened the original J. Paul Getty Museum in his home to show his collection, of which Greek and Roman antiquities are an important element. In 1968, Getty decided then to re-create a first-century Roman country house, the Villa dei Papiri, on the property to display his growing collection of art. And in 1974, the new Getty Museum opens to the public, becoming one of Southern California’s cultural landmarks. In 1997, the Malibu site closed for renovation; the Getty Center in Los Angeles opens to the public. In 2006, the newly renovated Malibu site opened as the Getty Villa, dedicated to the arts and cultures of ancient Greece, Rome, and Etruria. To me, the Getty Villa is an all-star. The view alone from the porticos across the expanse of the San Fernando Valley is well worth the price of admission. The architecture alone is worth the visit. Top left: Outdoor Theater Top right: East Garden, the colorful fountain with shells and …

Little Danish Village

Solvang, which means “sunny fields” is a very cute small Danish town north of Santa Barbara. If you are in Santa Barbara or wine tasting, make sure you save some time to stop by this little town. They have many tasting rooms for you to try different wines and they have lots of bakeries in which they are known for. It also offers beautiful architecture, delicious restaurants, and charming shops. The surrounding scenery is so lovely and bucolic and the trip up alone is cathartic and breathtaking. I’m really glad we stopped here on part of our road trip, it’s a sight to see though kind of touristy… but for me it was quaint and sweet. Today’s coffee: Grande caramel brûlée which I liked better than their eggnog latte…

road trip highlights

Pacific Coast Highway Total miles: 361 (++ the miles we got lost in Santa Barbara and a few when in Oxnard) Date: November 9 and 10 Here’s the map and the points where we stopped for a few minutes or hours. Points B & C and F&L are overlapping as they are relevantly close to each other. (click for larger view) A. Starting point, where we visited the church first to thank God for another brand new year. B. Venice Beach, let the fun and excitement begin here! C. Venice Canals, it’s called Venice for a reason… D. Malibu PCH, 27 miles of scenic drive E. Oxnard, for lunch and a little rest F. Screaming Eagle Hwy, Ventura PCH, ahhh… just in time for that magnificent sunset and was charmed by the RV’s that were parked right on the seashore, what a nice way to relax eh? G. Santa Barbara, where we planned to get lodging but the city was so confusing with all the one way streets and every time we drive on to …

minneola road exit

The road exit is just before the Calico Ghost Town on I-15 and about 2 miles north is a dirt road that brings you to the Calico Early Man Site which I hope to explore the next time we pass by this area. Btw, we have to exit here & stop on a side street near the abandoned gas station to add more air pressure on our car tires. It was a very quiet & eerie place but I forgot all about it ‘coz I was so consumed with the beautiful sunset. Linking to signs, signs. Have a nice time trick or treating tonight and keep safe everyone!

valley wells

Now this is a nice rest stop and better than 99% of the gas station rest rooms I have seen. Between Primm and Baker, it’s the perfect place to stop for a quick off and back on the interstate-15 break without the hassle of street lights. I was actually surprised with the details that the little rest stop had, there were imprints of doggy paws on the sidewalk leading to the rest rooms which have automatic toilets & faucets and an eco-friendly hand-dryer; there were tables for picnics and best of all the landscaping they’ve done here is awesome, they’ve placed informational tidbits around about the desert. Well, the design seems to blend with the landscape. Click on photos for larger view. Linking to signs,signs