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first signs of spring

Yipee! Spring is near, it is visible… Winter is soon going to a very far away place from where it’ll move at a very slow pace and encircle the earth. The first signs of spring brings smiles and joy to me and to all. I feel it’s the beginning of nature and the rebirth of a new season and hopes of bringing life and renewal back to the cold pains Even with just the first signs of spring, I am now starting to feel somewhat better and renewed. 🙂 I am more happier when I can enjoy my cuppa outdoors on the patio.

Calling for Spring

I am so done with the cold days already and I can’t wait for Spring to come. I know I can’t complain ‘coz there are far more colder places than where I am now, still I want it to be over soon. 😀 And for coffee, I had the usual Sbux Cinnamon with a bun and some readings.

morning mist

This beautiful scene was from yesterday when I went out running,  I had to stop for a few moments and just be. I also went out running earlier this morning but I could barely finish half a block, my body was just too tired and was begging to slow down, so I listened. What do you usually do when your body is trying to tell you something? Do you ever even listen to it? well, sometimes or most of the times we have to… in a positive way. 🙂 Today’s coffee: for a change I got myself a vanilla latte instead of the usual macchiato. Thanks for trying a latte art, barista. I am doing more mobile photography these days so just excuse me if some might come out a little gritty. I just find it easier to update my blog. The coffee was shot using the Snapseed app and the first photo was filtered using rise from IG. Linked to SWF.

life is like the weather

You are the sky. Everything else – it’s just the weather. ~ Pema Chodron They say life is just like the weather, sometimes it’s sunshiney and sometimes it’s partly or mostly cloudy. 🙂 Photos are from yesterday when clouds were gathering for last night’s and today’s shower, and up to this writing we are still experiencing light shower and hoping for a cool with clouds giving way to some sun later. So, everything else – is just the weather. 😀